What is Piedrafina?

Source: Pfsurfaces.com

Have you heard this term and wonder what Piedrafina is? Or are you looking for a way to enhance your countertops in a “green” way without compromising “look and feel”?  Piedrafina is a recycled stone that has made its way into many homes of eco-conscious people who also want beauty and elegance.

Vineyard Point by Lennar

Piedrafina Countertops and Shower Surround | The Gardens & Gables by Lennar

Lennar is now including Piedrafina in our bathrooms as vanity countertops and bath surrounds. Here are some interesting facts about Piedrafina:

  • Piedrafina Marble is created by using stones that were once thrown away.
  • Comprised of approximately 95% natural marble with polyester resin binders and pigments. The special resin binders give Piedrafina Marble the strength, consistency and durability that differentiate Piedrafina Marble from other products.
  • Piedrafina Marble care and maintenance is easily achieved. By following some simple recommendations you will enjoy your Piedrafina Marble Surfacing for years to come.
  • Piedrafina Marble utilizes environmentally friendly raw materials in the manufacturing process of its products. Piedrafina Marble is environmentally conscience, offering a 60” wide slab that limits material waste.

Lennar offers three different choices to choose from: Emperador, Bianco and Botticello. You can choose from additional colors on Piedrafina’s website at pfsurfaces.com.

"Emperador" from pfsurfaces.com


"Bianco" from pfsurfaces.com


"Botticino" from pfsurfaces.com



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