What are some fun family activities to do with children on the weekend?

There are a lot of great and fun activities you can do with small children on the weekend. Listed below are some free and/or inexpensive activities.

Crafts are a great activity that gets everyone involved. You can take the kids to a local thrift store or look around your house for items that can be re-used or made into crafts. Check out www.familyfun.com for lots of great craft ideas.

Create your own water park in your backyard! Set-up a slip-n-slide, turn on the sprinklers and fill small pools with water. Have a water balloon toss, blow bubbles and make ice cream sundaes for even more fun.

Set-up a tent in your backyard and go camping! Grab flashlights and make smores over a mini bbq.

Go for a bike ride or hike. Explore your neighborhood or drive to a new one and explore.

Visit your local library. Most local libraries have story-time or free events. Checkout books and act out the stories at home would be another fun activity.

Check out your local mall for kids clubs. Most malls have free kids’ clubs and offer free events and birthday clubs.

Volunteer. Check out kid friendly organizations like your local animal shelter on ways you and your kids can contribute.


~ by lennarsac on July 1, 2010.

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